"Wedding Planning" is an elective, available to first and second year students of the BB Events Management programme.  It is 100% continuous assessment.  The assessment consists of a Learning Log (50%) and a presentation (50%).  The Learning Log will consist of ten entries, worth 5 marks each.  Each entry will contain a written reflection of that weeks' classes.  Students must attend the classes in order to submit the entries, as the reflections are based on information covered during class.  All ten entries must be submitted by week 10, and uploaded to Moodle, in order to receive a mark.  Students who have attended may choose to submit more than ten entries, and then will receive a mark for the ten best quality entries that they have submitted,  The presentation topic will be discussed during class.  Each student will have an individual topic to present separately,  The presentation will also consist of a written element, consisting of slides, notes and a bibliography.  

LIS is a mandatory five credit module.  It runs for the first semester, from September till mid December.  This module is 100% continuous assessment.  It consists of three assessments; a group presentation ( creating an ad for a module), an on line quiz and an integrated assessment.  The approx. due dates for these assessments are week four for the group assessment, week eight for the on line quiz and week eleven for the integrated assessment.  Students who fail to achieve an overall mark of 40% will be required to: register to repeat, pay to repeat, complete a repeat learning log over the summer and achieve at least 40% for that learning log.