Sheila Faherty

Welcome to human physiology!

Human physiology is one of the longest established biological sub disciplines affiliated with medicine and health. Human physiology dates back to at least 420 B.C. and the time of Hippocrates. Physiology covers all aspects of human biology, at its core is homeostasis; how the body adjusts to maintain a constant internal environment for optimal functioning and health in the face of an ever-changing external environment. Physiology is often co-taught with anatomy; anatomy describes structure and physiology describes function which are completely interrelated. As seen in the image below (Figure 1) physiology overlaps with molecular biology and cell biology, these subjects examine in greater detail the cell from a biochemical approach (cell biology) and a genetic and macromolecule approach (molecular biology).

Figure1: Schematic depicting the levels of organization. Physiology bridges the gap between chemistry and ecology. Physiology incorporates the investigational techniques from cell biology and molecular biology in order to better understand the function of the human body.

Welcome to human Physiology I hope that you will enjoy this class.