Hi there,

Welcome to analytical chemistry 4.1.

This module is split into:

- practical and continuous assessment section  - 40 %

   - Practical section has a laboratory element (8 Labs) - 20 %

   - CA Exam -20 %

- Theory section worth 60 %

    - the theory section is broken down in to 3 sections

       -  Analytical techniques

       -  NMR

       -  Instrumentation

This moodle page is designed to help you to do your best in this challenging but rewarding part of the course. As you navigate the section keep in mind that there are videos that are useful for the laboratory section of the course, there are lecture note and videos as well as a section to upload laboratory reports and hints tips for exams.

Finally there is a forum open for any discussions or queries you may have there.

Best of luck.